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Why does my business need commercial insurance?

Commercial insurance is designed to protect your business in the event of risks such as: damage to commercial property, including company vehicles, machinery, and the building that houses operations; liability related to automobiles, wrongful entry, libel, slander, etc.; temporary loss of income; protection for commercial cargo while in transit; and theft by employees or a burglar.

Am I required by law to cover employees in the event of an injury on the job?

Businesses in Georgia are legally responsible for protecting employees in case they are injured on the job. This type of policy is called Workers’ Compensation.

What if someone brings a lawsuit against my company?

Every business should be prepared for the possibility of a lawsuit. Liability insurance covers your company’s fees, whether your company is found guilty or not.

Do I need a business auto insurance policy for the car I use solely for work or is it covered under my personal insurance?

An automobile used solely for commercial purposes should be insured separately. The commercial policy covers cars, trucks, vans, trailers, etc. used for commercial purposes and protects them in case of theft or an accident.


What type of insurance should I consider for my new home?

Whether you’ve moved into an existing house, or are building a home, you’ll make many key decisions about your new residence. When you’re deciding on wood, tile, or carpeting, or picking out the color to paint the living room, remember that decisions about insurance are just as important. Some key considerations are: How much would it cost to rebuild the home today? What safety precautions can be taken to save money on insurance? What are the contents of my home worth? Can I personalize my coverage? The Quarles Group can help you consider these and other questions to be sure your home is as good as new for as long as you live in it.

My homeowner’s insurance policy is included in my house payment every month to the mortgage company. Does the mortgage company decide on my policy options?

If you let the mortgage company decide, you’ll most likely pay for more insurance than you need. The mortgage company handles the paperwork, but you are the key decision maker when it comes to your home. You get to choose the insurance company and policy you feel is best for your home.

Is my business property covered since I work out of the home?

Home insurance carries limited coverage for business property. There is a monetary limit to what can be covered and it is better to take out a separate business policy in most cases, even if most of your work takes place in your home.

How can I lower my premiums?

Your premium is calculated on the level of risk of insuring your home. The following home improvements and steps can help decrease your policy rates:

  • Deadbolt locks/security systems
  • Fire extinguishers/smoke alarms
  • Take out an auto insurance policy with same company


Why should I have auto insurance?

An insurance policy protects against damage to your vehicle and damage to a third party’s property caused by your vehicle. More importantly, it ensures your ability to cover costs for any party that may need medical assistance resulting from activity involving your vehicle.

Also, as in most states, the State of Georgia requires all drivers to have auto liability insurance policy in order to drive their vehicles.

What does "no-fault" insurance mean?

The state of Georgia has a no-fault insurance system. Traditionally, a legal process determines fault in an accident but the no-fault insurance system circumvents the legal process, bypassing court, lawyers, judge, jury, and steep costs. Both taxpayers and insurance policyholders benefit from no-fault because it helps keep taxes and rates low.

Policyholders experience benefits when they actually get in an accident. Immediate compensation is granted at the time of your claim for damages, medical expenses, lost wages, etc. Then the insurance company will dialogue with the insurance company of the third party in the collision to decide how much each insurer will pay.

How can I reduce my auto insurance rates?

You will receive discounts on your auto insurance policy if you:

  • Are a good driver
    • A defensive driver with a clean violation record
  • Take safety and security precautions
    • Anti-lock brakes, air bags, passive restraint systems
    • Security systems
  • Are a good student or have one on your policy
  • If you change your driving habits such as:
    • Using the car less frequently or car-pooling
  • Have a home insurance policy with same company

Is everyone on my boat protected by my insurance?

Watercraft liability insurance protects you against legal liabilities for injured people or damaged property. Your policy also covers legal costs of a lawsuit brought against you.

Are there discounts on watercraft insurance like there are for my car?

Yes. Discounts apply in the following events:

  • You have attended a safety course such as the US Coast Guard Auxiliary courses
  • Your boat has passed a Courtesy Marine Examination
  • Your boat has protective devices installed such as a burglar alarm, depth finder, ship-to-shore radio, radar system, etc.
  • If your boat has a diesel engine
  • If your boat is under 26 ft. long


Why invest in life insurance?

After the death of a policyholder, life insurance covers expenses such as funeral costs, unpaid bills, and estate taxes. Furthermore, this policy will cover mortgage payments and family expenses such as college tuition for a child. These policies vary depending on individual needs.

What are the different types of life insurance?

The staff at the Quarles Group can discuss variations with you in person. However, there are two basic types of life insurance – term and permanent, and also a combination of the two.

Term Insurance: A specific length of time is covered in the policy (one, five, or 10 years). The death benefit is given to the beneficiaries if the policyholder dies within the established timeframe. The coverage is discontinued at the end of a term if the policyholder is still alive.

Permanent Insurance: This policy is never discontinued as long as the premiums are paid. It also builds cash values in the policy that can provide valuable “living” benefits in addition to the death benefit.

Is there a re-qualification process I need to go through after a certain period of time to keep my life insurance?

There is no such evaluation for permanent insurance as long as you make your payments on time.

However, most term policies usually allow continued coverage for another term of the same length, without filling out a new application or review. This is an especially valuable provision for policyholders that may have undergone a change in health or career status that would cause them to be uninsurable if purchasing a new policy.

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